About Us

A business house diversified into different business ventures clearly defining marketing and manufacturing under separate heads and companies. Job allocation, work definition and instant decisions have led to the gradual but steady growth in business volumes

India, the home of the business is the biggest emerging market today. Many large foreign companies, banks and financial institutions have set up shops here to market their presence. We have been successful in timely tieing up with various multinationals and foreign manufacturers for marketing their products all over India. Eastern India, however, still remains to be the strong hold point.

With offices strategically located in various cities, it has been our endeavour to collaborate with foreign companies having strong manufacturing and supply base. Market research, product acceptance and pre launch operations are within our scope of operations. Our companies have been able to take up the distributorship of companies who have local base and provide technical assistance for producing prime quality products. Bringing new technologies, implements and market acceptance has been our main foray. Simultaneously, we have also been able to cater to our ever increasing list of clients with full diligence and dedication.

Our Vision
To have offices or representation in every nook and corner of India to give our suppliers the benefit of exploiting the market to the fullest and maximizing sales. Creating markets in neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan ,Bangladesh is also on our agenda and the preliminary steps have already been taken.

Our Goals
Customer satisfaction and optimizing networking.